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Full Depth Reclamation - The Design Process




The design process for full depth reclamation can be split into three parts: the pulverization of the original surface and the blending of additives and/or imported materials, grading and compacting the new surface, and the application of a wearing surface. Read on to find out more about these steps!


STEP 1: Pulverizing and Blending

Pulverizing and blending is a mechanical process that physically breaks the pavement material to a usable gradation while incorporating a specified amount of existing base material. After this is completed, the process moves to the blending phase, where materials may be added that will help create the desired base. The percentages of additive are expressed as a percent of the weight of the material being mixed. Often during this stage, water will be added to the blend to ensure the mixing of material and additives is optimum.

Step 1


But what happens when there isn't enough surface to add to the blend? 

In this case, imported material to be incorporated into the base can be placed on the existing pavement prior to the mixing pass. After the mixing pass is completed, the base material is ready for shaping and compaction.


STEP 2: Grading and Compacting

Once the new blend has been laid, it is compacted and graded to the provided specifications. This process guarantees the mixture is properly formed to the road, and ensures a long lasting, durable surface.

Step 2


STEP 3: Application of a Wearing Surface

Once the blend has been graded and compacted, a wearing surface is applied to the top of the blend, to ensure an even wear and longevity in road strength and durability. Though wearing surfaces vary, our reclamation process can implement most any wearing surfaces available.

Step 3

It also may be necessary to apply a Fog Seal to the completed base. The Fog Seal will help control raveling and ensure a good bond between the base and the wearing course. In some cases, the Fog Seal may be sanded in order to open the road sooner to traffic. Contact us for this and other solutions for wearing surfaces today!


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