Keeping It Green


At Midstate, we are committed to providing quality transportation and pavement recycling services through environmentally safe practices.  There are many ways the Midstate team can help you “Go Green” on your next project.

The recycling/repurposing of materials in-place has many environmental benefits.  These benefits include, but are not limited to:  reduced CO2 output per constructed lane mile (up to 90% reduction), reduced energy consumption per constructed lane mile (up to 95% reduction), improved road surface ride quality which leads to better fuel economy for travelers, reduced need for mining of new aggregate, shorter construction durations which reduce the additional traveled miles for the public created through detours, and extending the life of the pavement.

Many of the construction services that we offer provide owners a substantial cost savings versus conventional construction techniques.  That’s how you “Save Green”.  The secret to optimizing the economic and environmental benefits of road recycling is applying the right recycling technique, on the right road, at the right time.  The team at Midstate has years of experience helping owners start and/or improve their pavement recycling and preservation programs.  There’s no distress we can’t address.  Contact our team at Midstate and learn more about how you can “Go Green, Save Green” on your next project.