Midstate Reclamation and Trucking, Inc.

21955 Grenada Ave.

Lakeville, MN 55044

Office: (952) 985-5555     Fax: (952) 985-5656

Direct Contact Information

Jason Moser

Vice President of Operations and Maintenance

Email:  jasonm@midstatecompanies.com

Direct:  (952)-985-6140     Mobile:  612-968-1536

Dan Schellhammer, P.E.

Email:  dans@midstatecompanies.com

Vice President of Business Development

Office:  (952)-985-6156     Mobile:  (612)-490-3835

Estimators / Project Managers

Mike Swing

Senior Project Manager / Estimator (Milling and Cold In-Place Recycling)

Email:  mikes@midstatecompanies.com

Direct:  (952)-985-6155     Mobile:  612-247-9495

Nichole Ingemann

Project Manager / Estimator (Reclaiming)

Email:  nicholei@midstatecompanies.com

Direct:  (952)-985-6152     Mobile:  612-257-2165

Aaron Nash

Project Manager / Estimator (Soil Stabilization)

Email:  aaronn@midstatecompanies.com

Direct:  (952)-985-6149     Mobile:  612-968-4403

Riley Vahlsing

Project Manager (Milling and Reclaiming)

Email:  rileyv@midstatecompanies.com 

Direct:  (952)-985-6148     Mobile:  (952)-324-0494

Heavy Haul Trucking

Brian Ozmun

Heavy Haul Manager

Email:  briano@midstatecompanies.com

Direct:  (952)-985-6154     Mobile:  612-490-9128

John Rynda

Heavy Haul Dispatch

Email:  johnr@midstatecompanies.com

Direct:  (952)-985-6147     Mobile:  (612)-499-7817

Human Resources

Debbie Ohmann

HR & Safety Manager

Email:  debbie@midstatecompanies.com

Direct:  (952)-985-6141


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