Efficient/fast partial depth removal of asphalt pavement

Easily correct pavement deficiencies such as cross slope, surface drainage, skid resistance, and smoothness

Removal of top down cracks and raveling prior to an asphalt overlay

Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) produced by the milling process can go back into new HMA or be used as a base

What Is Milling?

Milling, also referred to as Cold Planing or Rotomilling, is the most efficient way to remove old, weathered asphalt from a roadway surface. At Midstate, we pair some of the newest, most technologically advanced milling equipment with industry leading tradespeople to maximize production for our customers. We are able to mill for depth, cross slope, grade, or a combination of all three elements.

No matter what your milling needs may be our team of skilled operators and vast array of equipment is ready to meet your project requirements. The versatility of our team and fleet allows us to excel in all situations, whether it’s a high production mill and fill job on the interstate requiring multiple mills, or custom projects in tight spaces best suited for skidloader mounted machines, Midstate has you covered.

Do you need a custom milling solution for your next project? Reach out to our team to discuss your options today!

We currently operate over 40 rotomills and rotomilling attachments. Our large fleet affords us the ability to mill at widths from 18 inches to 12 feet and allows us to offer a turnkey milling solution that includes brooming, cleanup, and disposal of milled material.

Our work is not done after milling is complete. The team at Midstate also offers sweeping and clean-up services. Our fleet of full-sized sweepers, sidecast brooms, and skidloader mounted brooms are available to get your milled surface ready for tack and asphalt.

Midstate continually strives to advance milling technology and offer superior milling services to our customers. The specific milling needs of project owners has led to changes in milling technology. The Midstate team offers a wide range of innovative milling solutions to meet this demand: micromilling, trench cutting, AMG (Automated Machine Guidance) solutions with 3D and/or GPS, etc.

Construction crew using an asphalt milling machine on a golf course path, surrounded by trees and grass.